The Facility

Where next generation research, advanced materials, and new manufacturing techniques merge

Coal is too valuable to burn – Randall Atkins, CEO


has three components:


The Brook Mine, with significant coal resources to be mined under strict environmental protocols and safeguards.


The iCAM (or Carbon Advanced Materials Center), which will host professionals from national laboratories, universities, private research groups and workforce development organizations in both temporary and permanent facilities. The iCAM will also provide facilities to strategic manufacturing partners, who will conduct applied research and development with one goal: To turn carbon from coal into finished products.


The Wyoming iPark (“iPark”), will be a next generation “coal to products” next generation zero net emission industrial park located directly next to the Brook Mine. It will utilize coal from the mine as the feedstock to create high-value carbon products: carbon fiber, graphene, graphite, carbon nano tubes, carbon dots, carbon based resins, carbon based building products and activated carbon.

Both the iPark and iCam will seek Platinum LEED certifications for green facility construction.

Marrying advanced materials with advanced manufacturing.

Coal as an avenue to low-cost carbon fibers

What is new is that, within the past year, several projects have sprung up, with two purposes: 1) find new uses for coal that don’t involve power generation, thereby reducing carbon emissions while preserving miners’ jobs, and 2) convert this low-cost, carbon-rich precursor into useful, low-cost fibers suitable for non-aerospace applications. CW talked to two groups about their efforts and their progress to date.

October 18, 2017

Ramaco Carbon said it intends to create a series of carbon-based industrial and manufacturing facilities at its integrated Brook Mine, iCAM and iPark. Together, these three components will provide manufacturers with the world’s only fully integrated carbon resource, research, development and production facility.

“We are extremely excited to bring Carbon, a high-tech pioneer and global leader in 3D printing and manufacturing, to Wyoming as our partner,” said Randall Atkins, Chairman and CEO Ramaco Carbon. “3D printing is becoming the transformative advanced manufacturing technique of the 21st century. Our shared vision for the iCAM and iPark is to be a leader in the future of enhanced carbon technology and manufacturing. Having a partner like Carbon join us on this journey is proof of that vision coming to fruition. Together, we hope to bring innovation to carbon manufacturing and expand into new and developing markets.”

November 7, 2017