Facts on Recreation on Tongue River & ACME Area

  • Claims that Ramaco’s project will have any impact on public access to the Tongue River, Wyoming Game & Fish walk-in area access, or other public lands in the Acme area are not true.
  • All existing public use and public access to the Tongue River will remain the same. This project will create no limitations on Tongue River use in terms of all existing available floating, fishing, or private or public access.
  • In fact, Ramaco has expressed interest in assisting Sheridan County to further enhance river access in the Acme Recreation area, or adding additional river access on its lands.
  • This project will have no impact on the adjacent Sheridan County Kleenburn (Acme) Recreation Area. Ramaco has expressed interest in helping the County improve that recreation area for public use.
  • This project preserves and does not take away or inhibit existing public access to any nearby Wyoming Game & Fish walk-in areas. Ramaco hopes those other private landowners will continue to allow walk-in recreational use of some of their lands under the Wyoming Game & Fish program.
  • This project does not change existing access for any other private property or public roads.
  • Ramaco proposes to enhance recreation use of the area in keeping with County’s Comprehensive Plan. We will be participating in efforts to enhance public access at existing County access points. We are also considering several ways we can add a public access and/or picnic site on Ramaco lands adjacent to the Tongue River.