Facts on Community Engagement

  • Ramaco has spent considerable time reaching out to neighbors and landowners about its proposal. These meetings have occurred in the Acme area immediately around the proposed project, as well as up the Tongue River Valley, and have largely been met with support for the project.
  • Both the Sheridan County Planning and Zoning Commission and Sheridan Board of County Commissioners voted in favor of Ramaco’s proposal to rezone 114 acres of its property. These votes have occurred after lengthy public hearings, during which there was more positive support for the Ramaco project than opposition.
  • Ramaco has the active support of many in Sheridan’s business community. This includes the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce, Forward Sheridan, and many other Sheridan County businesses and business leaders.

Support of Neighbors:

The Vine family
The Laya family
Town of Ranchester
Town of Dayton

I think this will allow Sheridan County to grow responsibly. A lot of innovations are likely to arise out a technology center like this, out of an R&D center….We need to move that direction for the state of Wyoming. -Brian Miller

I think being a doctor of audiology, I’ve always been excited about research. I think looking at what can be done with coal other than burning it. The tremendous opportunities there are for the entire country, the world can start right here in Sheridan. So 100 percent for it.-Thomas Laya